Although the Fastrack brand was launched in the year 1998, it became an independent brand for the modern youth in 2005. The brand now has a fairly good market share not only in affordable and fashionable Watches, Wireless Audio, Sunglasses, and Perfumes but also in a wide range of trendy wallets, belts, and bags. It is now one of the most desired fashion brands among the youth.  

Fastrack [CPS] IN

We will find Fastrack products unconventional and in fact a bit cheeky. Deviating from the traditional path, the brand has been constantly innovating and earning for itself the “Effortlessly Cool” reputation. We can always expect something “Unpredictable” from this brand because by nature it has the ability to reinvent itself.

Fastrack always identifies itself with the concept of being ‘Eternally Young’ and lives by this ideal. This they manage to achieve by attracting the adolescents and those who have just entered adulthood.

The sporty Fastrack is the leading brand in accessories for the youth. Being futuristic and staying focused on satisfying this section of consumers all the time, the brand comes out with affordable new offerings continuously. Fastrack is not just a matter of fashion, but a Trendy Lifestyle that is offered to the youth of our country. It helps the youth to portray their individuality. The simple phrase MOVE ON is Fastrack’s battle cry, mantra, and philosophy. This expression represents the way in which Fastrack operates and communicates