Holi – The Festival of Colours

In India, Holi is the next most important festival after Divali. Coming in the month of March, it always falls on a full moon day or Purnima. After winter, with the arrival of spring, Holi signifies a new beginning, fertility of the land, and good harvest. 

It is celebrated symbolically in commemoration of a Hindu legend, where a king wanted to kill his son Prahlada for his Devotion to Lord Krishna. As he was unsuccessful a number of times, the King’s sister Holika, who had a boon of being immune to fire, agree to take the boy into the fire. She was unaware that the boon would work only if she were alone. Holika was burned to death while Prahlada was unhurt because of his devotion to the Lord. 

The bonfires associated with Holi Dahan, lit a day prior to Holi, is a symbolic enactment of Holika’s death by fire signifying the victory over evil. 

The Holi festival is also connected with the divine love between Krishna and Radha, as the celebrations last for 16 days in Vrindavan and Mathura. 

On Holi, irrespective of their religious affiliations, all sections of the society participate in the celebrations and festivities. People turn out on the roads, and visit each other, as they smear, throw, splash coloured powder and water, using balloons and water guns, on one another. For this reason, Holi is also known as the festival of colours. 

It is day of rejoicing, an occasion to reconcile with one another and dump any old ill feelings or hatred. It is a day for youngsters to shed their inhibitions and mingle freely with their peers. A day for distributing sweets among neighbours and sharing gifts. 

Holi is now an international festival made popular by the Indian diaspora around the world. 
This year, the Holi celebrations around the country will be subdued due to the increasing Covid-19 cases around the country. A number of state governments have banned public celebration of the festival. In spite of the diminished scale of celebrations this year, the true spirit of Holi will surely prevail. 

Trendylifestyle.xyz wishes everyone a wonderful Holi. May your life be painted with all the hues of LOVE, HAPPINESS, and JOY during the days ahead. 

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