The name Tanshiq signifies a high level of craftsmanship and product quality that is par excellence. The name Tanishq is a combination of two words “Tan’ which means body, and ‘Nishk’ which means gold ornament.

The brand Tanishq was launched in the year 1994 by introducing 18-carat gold watches with precious stones. It rapidly grew into a world-renowned brand by bringing out a magnificent range of 22-carat gold jewelry along with an exquisite collection of diamond jewelry. Tanishq succeeds in maintaining the traditional appeal while also bringing out the charm in the contemporary designs to its customers. They fully understood the ever-evolving Trendy Lifestyle of the society.

It was Tanishq that set a benchmark in the jewelry market by its business ethics and reliability of their product. This led to a transformation of the jewelry business as a whole in India. The Karatmeter, an instrument for checking the purity of gold, is an important innovation that helped to gain the customer’s trust. Today Tanishq maintains this trust in nearly 350 stores spread across 200 cities by adhering to the strict uniform guidelines.

With its retail sales crossing over Rs. 18600 crores last year, Tanishq is indeed the undisputed leader of the jewelry market in Inda.